Bored!? Get rid of your boredom this Vacation!!

It’s your summer holidays or sem-end break, and every day you wake up with the very same question

“  What to do, what to do today? ”pf.png

And since you don’t have a brother like Ferb, you can’t actually build a roller coaster in your backyard. So what you could do ?? Here’s a list of things you may try:-

Hanging out with Friends         


Ya this would be everyone’s first priority but you just can’t hangout with your friends 24×7, moreover you may not always find friends to hangout with. So you need to find other ways.

Hanging out with Family


True, it wouldn’t be the best of the ideas but quite surprisingly you will realise that your family members are actually not bad and they know to have fun. Just go on a trip with them. And you know what is the best part of going on a family trip, that you don’t have to worry about the expenses at all.

Unfortunately, not always your parents may take out time for you. Then what ??  Then you could only go for something which you can do on your own!

Enroll into a Course

images (1)

There are ‘n’ number of free/paid courses available online, and if this sounds boring to you, then hello wake up, because it isn’t until and unless you enroll into a * BORING* course. Take a course of your choice, absolutely of your interest.

Work on your Skills


Try to be better at something, which you are already good at. You know being better is always better than just being good. Whatever it is, be it any sport, dance or anything in that respect, just work on it because you may find no better time than this.

But, there are people like me who are “Good for nothing”, no offence but if you are one of us then this option just means nothing. So:-

Develop a new Skill 


Pick up anything and work on it, try to bring best out of you in it. Believe it or not this is gonna help, if not now then later but for sure.

Start a Blog


Find few close friends who are as jobless as you are, and start a blog. Just like this one. Write about anything, post about whatever you want with every bit of freedom. But, but make sure your chosen friends are actually INTERESTED or go for it alone.

It’s the first post of this blog, please leave a comment and new ideas are more than welcome.

~ Ero Sennin




4 Comments Add yours

  1. SolitarySage says:

    Is there a special reason for including “672” in your blog title?
    Just curious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. potpourri672 says:

      Top Secret it is…!!
      Actually each digit is for each one of the bloggers who runs the blog.
      e.g. 2 is for me (Ero Sennin)


      1. SolitarySage says:

        Again, any specific reason for choosing 2?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. potpourri672 says:

        The reason is pretty lame but I wouldn’t mind telling you this, it’s from my University’s roll no. ☺


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