ISRO’s Another Feat

On 22nd of this month India successfully launched 20 satellites, 17 being foreign out of them. All credits of this feat goes to ISRO’s work horse PSLV, which has made its mark in multi dollar space launch market.Indian_Space_Research_Organisation_Logo.svg.png

It’s not before too long when India was not considered as a country which could actually leave a mark in this field . 1962 when India stepped in this field with the name INCOSPAR ( Indian Committee for Space Research ) and Vikram Sarabhai as the chairman, there were many who doubted its need that time. Frankly speaking it was quite reasonable, a country like India whose more than two-third of the population still depends on agriculture for living, could it really afford to get into  this business. But, history depicts a different story.


There was a time, in India when parts of rockets used to be transported  on cycle and satellite used to be transported by bullock cart and now look where India is, India’s PSLV now launches NASA’s satellite to space with an astonishing success rate and at much cheaper price than NASA.isro-new_launch_pad.jpg

ISRO has so far sent 113 satellites with 93% success rate. It’s the fourth organisation to reach moon with it’s Chandrayaan-1 in 2008 which went on to find water on Moon’s surface. Then ISRO’s Mar’s Orbiter, Mangalyaan entered Mar’s orbit on 24rth September 2014, making India first nation to succeed on its first attempt, and ISRO fourth agency in the world and first in Asia. Now ISRO is working on GSLV MkIII , ULV etc. which may surprise us in future.

ISRO has always been a globally competent space agency which has brought laurels for India in terms of space research technology. The future seems even brighter with current success and upcoming projects.

~Ero Sennin





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