My K-Pop Favourites


Here’s the list of my favourite K-Pop songs. Hope you like it!

  1. Save Me – Bangtan Boys(BTS)

So, yeah. The BTS love started here.

I’ve listened to this song a million times and I’m still like “I need your love before I fall” *bangs chest*. The catchiest part is Suga’s rap, without a doubt. Pay attention to that part, you guys. It comes with a lot of swag.


BTS, everybody! Yay!


  1. Oh Boy – AOA

AOA was one the first K-pop bands I listened to and I instantly fell in love with the girls. Jimin is… beautiful *.*

Loved her part in the song.  *thumbs up*



  1. Hero –Monsta X

I.M nailed it. I’m obsessed with Korean rap, so if you find the names of rappers coming up frequently, forgive me. Speaking of rap, let’s not forget what an excellent job Jooheon did! *applause*. And obviously, I could go on and on about Shownu and Hyunwon and the rest of them, but let’s stop here.


Monsta X is <3.


  1. Mamacita – Super Junior

This song makes me really happy, despite the fact that I don’t understand Korean ( I’m learning, okay? Peace \/).  Btw, Kyuhyun is adorable. I don’t know the others 😛




  1. Kill Bill – Brown Eyed Girls

Evergreen. Enough said.



  1. Shake That Brass – Amber.

I almost worship Amber. Loved the Amber-Taeyeon collab.

Loved the Amber-Ailee collab better. Now, check this out-

Oh and Jackson’s in the video too. ❤


  1. Q&A – Seventeen, Ailee


  1. Love Line – Hyolyn, Jooyoung, Bumkey

This trio. ❤

Hyolyn’s voice is heavenly.



  1. 4 Walls – F(x)

Amber, again. Explains it all.


  1. Expectation – Girl’s Day

Now, this one’s a tough choice. There are so many GD songs that I like, but…my heart said yes to this one.




Comment and let me know what your favourites are! Have a great day 🙂 !






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