Nomore weak-weekends!

Every night, before we sleep,we keep an alarm for the next day and  things go as scheduled, as planned. But, what is the fun in life if everything is already planned?? It’s a busy life for everyone, let it be a school going kid or a grandpa after his retirement. Gone are the days, when life was peaceful and calm. But, Is this the life we all wanted? Do we need this hustle and bustle, to be part of our everyday routine? Now, how about a proper WEEKEND!?



Take some time off ,your busy schedule. Spend time, with your family. Plan a small weekend trip. Yes, priorities are important for all of us, but in our 70s and 80s we definitely do not want to sit and regret, that we forgot to live. Try going to a beachside resort, take a nice sleep, get up early in the morning and watch the sun come up the horizon. Trust me, it is a view, worth watching. Forget your worries for some time, feel alive for a moment, feel the sun’s first rays fall on your face, feel yourself or, if you are going to be home for the weekend, try this out at your terrace. I’m sure you will feel refreshed, you will feel the need for a holiday!



For the afternoon, get together with your family and try cooking something new, try experimenting dishes or have a good lunch with everyone, in one of the finest restaurants and feel the happiness of a full stomach. Try to have some really authentic food, try out some traditional food and go back in years and feel how things used to be! How about Tandoori Naan and Shahi Paneer? or maybe Biriyani?.


The weekend blockbusters, should have definitely lined up in the theatres, go on, get tickets and watch a movie forgetting everything else and watch it like how kids watch it but,remember not to doze off in the middle like them! Or maybe you could just plan a long drive, if you are interested that is, drive across the length and breadth of your city and feel the wind brushing your hair, if you are lucky, you might even get to drive in the rain, risky but BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Utah State Road 89

For the evening, prepare a nice cup of Elaichi tea for your family and a pack of Marie gold biscuits, sit out in the balcony or in your small garden and talk on every minute things, starting from the laundry to your big dreams. Believe me, the feeling after this is, unmatched or if you have a dog, go for a long walk, meet new people and have a cup of tea, from the roadside stall.


For the night, try going to a restaurant where you used to go when you were a kid, or a restaurant that you go to very often, just so you know, that things haven’t changed to that extent, after all! Once you are home, take your pillow and a bed sheet and go out on the terrace and lie down, gazing at the stars and feel the cold, the dew drops, the moon’s light and the calm and quite wind.

Because, the day that goes today, is not going to come back for anyone, the wind that blows today, or the rain that pours down today or the sun that shines today is not going to be the same way, everyday! Like Laila, said in ZNMD, “Seize the day, my friend!”





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