A Ray of Hope.



A school kid returning from school, looks at the sky and hopes that it doesn’t rain, so that he can go out and play later. The pressure cooker, in the next house whistles, as a mom cooks food for her child whom, she hopes to return back home after college, all safe and secure. An ambulance, speeds along the National Highway, in the hope to save another life. Families, wait outside the railway station, bus stand, an airport, for hours in the hope, to see their loved ones soon. Inside a baby’s store, you find an expectant father, buying clothes for his about to be born baby. Soldiers stare at their family photos, every day, in the hope to return home soon. Outside a hospital, people return home hoping not to come back again. The walls of temples, churches and mosques have heard more sincere cries, than any of us, ever have. The calendars, hanging in the rooms of a college student will have red circles till his sem-break when he hopes,to go back home. Hope, is our temptation to do what we love, to do what we believe in and to strive hard to achieve it!

But, why do we hope? What if, nobody taught us to hope? Hope, is the reason for our existence. We make each day move, hoping anther would follow. When we become hopeless, we lose our reason to fight. We start to give up on things. But the question is, should we actually give up on things? Or should we just try even more, harder? It’s a conflicting thought. Yes! The minute we lose hope on things, we stop trying and we give up! That is human nature! But, if you decide to give in yourself, for whatsoever, you were fighting for, you might lose hope again, natural, but “Try ,Try, Try till you succeed” is what was taught to us and the result is never disappointing.


When I’m writing this article, I’m reminded of the days, I gave up on things I wanted badly, starting from my career in chemistry, to the dreams I never accomplished, because I lost hope midway and gave up! Well, that looked like the easiest thing to do back then. To give up, is everyone’s best option, but to stand and fight for it, to accomplish and to achieve what you dreamt of, is not easy. Hope is just the hint, hard work is the answer. When we stop working, we lose hope, when we lose hope, we give up. It’s all a cycle. An interdependent cycle. Face life, with the WHAT Ifs, that come after every question, that’s the only solution to the long un-answered question. Face everything and take life as it comes. Learn not to quit and be a warrior, fighting for survival.


Ask yourself before you give up, SO, WHAT IF, it rains while you play? Remember, every great sportsman did it too. SO WHAT IF you fail in your exam? Remember, every great scientist did it too. SO WHAT IF you are poor? Remember, every great business man was, once!  Before you question your ability and choose to give up, ask yourself, have you put in your best? Ask yourself if you give up today, will your signature be left in the world, tomorrow? Work hard to conquer your dreams and never lose hope because, hope is the word that makes the world move!



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