5.5 hours. 11 episodes. Forever a sweet memory.


Six friends who called themselves the “Super Peace Busters”. Time passes. One dies. Five remain. They part ways till one of them begins to see the dead one.

An incarnation of stress? Nah. An apparition? Don’t know. A soul? Maybe. A presence? Guaranteed.

Jinta starts seeing Menma, the dead friend. She talks to him, clings to him, eats with him and basically makes it impossible for him to dismiss her as his imagination. Jinta recollects having made a promise to Menma. He’d promised her that he would grant her a wish. Menma has returned for her wish. Or so it seems.

Soon, Anoru, Poppo, Yukietsu, Tsuruko and Jinta revive their secret base in an attempt to grant Menma’s wish. It’s through this journey that the characters get to peek into themselves and understand the emotions that they’ve bottled up ever since Menma’s death. Unreciprocated love, jealousy, guilt, shame, selfishness and regret.

The story kinda reminded me of “49 Days”. Both the series ended on a similar note. The feelings of a dead person. And the wishes that he carries even after death.

What needs to be appreciated about the series is the fine portrayal of human emotions. Every character was so mature, sensitive , relatable and beautiful. The opening and closing tracks were well-suited and the animation was good. I’d easily give “Anohana” a 9 on 10.

These were my views on “Anohana”. Comment and let me know what you think about it. Sayonara!