Oh.. The School Days

A few days ago, I was utterly jobless. And when you’re jobless, you happen to do random things. I happened to flip through some old photos on my PC and relish my memories of the past.

I realised that I’d forgotten a lot of things. I’m in my second year of Engineering and all I seem to recollect about high school is a tonne of embarrassing moments. I remember pouring a cap full of water on my friend’s head and being drenched by a bottle full of water minutes later. When our teacher got to know this, my friend and I blamed each other for what happened and ended up being recommended to a good psychiatrist by our teacher. I also remember my cheeks turning hot out of embarrassment and not talking to the same friend for two weeks for what he did. Reconciliation happened later and we laughed it off.

One other time, two people decided to talk about the better things in life when there was a serious chemistry lecture going on in class. They argued about Dunkin Donuts being better than Krispy Kreme and about all the eateries in the area. Not long after, the two of them were caught talking and were asked to explain what their discussion was about.  Those two people were my best friend and me. Yet another shameful moment.

This friend and I got caught a number of times. We were thrown out of the chemistry lab for coming ten minutes late. We begged our teacher for forty whole minutes but my teacher didn’t flinch. I don’t remember what seemed funny about the moment, but I remember the two of standing outside class and gossiping our way to glory. We giggled and talked and laughed and stood there like two complete idiots. When our teacher noticed us, she left us with another punishment.


But not all things that happened in school were bad. Coming to think of them, I don’t find them embarrassing anymore. It was all a part of our life back then. A few good memories include being called “hypo” by my closest friends(I still don’t understand why this name came into existence), having lunch with them in the balcony, playing hide and seek with a group of ten friends during lunch(and being caught by our Maths teacher. He was such a sweet person, he just called us a bunch of idiots and left. No punishment), having long conversations in the refectory about a variety of things and me and my best friend walking around the school when we had nothing to do.

I remember being with my best friend all the time. We were always together. We bunked classes for no reason at all and spent all that time in serious gossip. We would sit in the chapel and talk about the philosophical aspects of life. We would go to the canteen every now and then to buy samosas and caramel popcorn and munch them as we talked. I also remember spending hours together discussing our study plans. We would freak out a few days before our exam and then decide that freaking out is not the solution. And we ended up scoring decent marks. We also had this huge group of friends in the commerce class. There’s where all the drama used to happen. We would fritter away time talking about all the things in the world, from books to TV shows to celebrities to songs to…yeah, everything.

I think you must have understood by now that we did a major deal of talking.

In 12th grade I was forced to join the dance group for Sports Day. There’s one thing that you should know about me. I dance and sing wonderfully. But in private. Dancing with a group of people is different. It’s where you notice people and people notice you. The worst part is that there are steps that you need to adhere to. And you don’t get the freedom to do what you want. And we danced because there wasn’t any other option. The nerds in our class used to take special dance lessons to perfect their steps while we(my best friend and I) used to look for the perfect time to sneak out of the dance room and roam around and do nothing. Sports Day was a success and we all ended up doing our parts fairly well. It rained while we danced and we had a lot more fun than we expected.

We had a picnic sometime later and my best friend and I decided not to go. Initially. I thought about it later and decided that it would be nice to join the rest of them. Even after a great deal of convincing, my best friend decided against it. So I went without her. It wasn’t bad but I remember missing her quite a bit.

Ah, those times. Those were some really good times. Almost everything I remember about high school is fuzzy and blurred but I remember them, nonetheless. My school still stands as the grand stone building that it was when we were there. But people have changed and gone their ways. All that remains is memories, good and bad, but as a whole it’s nothing less than a satisfyingly happy thought.