“Buy me a BIRYANI”. I’m pretty sure, this is something every South Indian would relate to. What’s so much with Biryani, you would be wondering now. I can say, That’s an infinite bond, that I think most people in the South of India shares in common. If you have ever travelled down the history of taste in India, I think you would also find the answer to this question when  people in the North are so much fascinated by sweets, I should say the people in  South finds that fascination in spices and when it comes to spices, what stands out,is Biryani!! Hyderabadi biryani, Dindigul biryani, Malabari biriyani, Calcutta biryani and the list just goes on.

But, what makes it so beautiful? What makes it so tasty? I don’t think I have the answers for it yet but, Biryani does have the perfect blend of spices, they just merge into each other, and they smell so good that you just can’t say a  no to it. Well, naturally the question arises, why is it that Biryani tops the list when it comes to the best delicacies in South Indian dishes? To be honest, I don’t think I have the answers for this too, but yes, the fact that no matter which auspicious occasion it is, no matter what group of people attend  it, Biryani has always been the right choice.

I’m reminded of the days when my mom, grandmom and aunty used to try and cook Biryani for the entire family for any little occasion that came our way, now what makes it the food for the day is the better question?”.To find the answer to this question i had tto actually ring up my best friend’s mom, who used to parcel every plate of biryani that she made for me and her answer was,” To see, everyone eat Biryani together and to see how it fills their heart and stomach and to hear that it was among the best food they ever had is why I cook Biryani.”


The answer is quite simple. Whenever we walk into a dietician’s clinic, they have all always made it a point to say that never skip anything, eat everything but in the right quantity. Well, I guess the answer lies in that single line.” EVERYTHING IN THE RIGHT QUANTITY”. What makes a biryani, a biryani is the ingredients- rice, lentils, meat, vegetables, masala, egg, pickle, raita, all this,is part of a plate of biryani. Rice as we all know is  a huge source of carbhohydrates and the rice mixed with the chicken in case of chicken biryani forms the best part of biryani. The Masala- It is basically a combination of onion, garlic, garlic,tomato,garam masala,corriander (depends on the type of biryani),chilli powder, turmeric powder, now all of this in the right amount mixed perfectly well gives out the aroma that makes you want to it. The spices – cardommom, cinnamon,coriander, mint leaves,saffron,pepper,cloves and  a small pinch of sweetness with cashew and raisins gives the balance in taste which you can definitely feel, as you take in that first spoon. The fact that the masala includes onion and turmeric and the spices are all used in biryani is for the proper digestion process in our body and to give a complete balanced meal having everything starting from carbhohydrates and ending with fats. Along with this we also have a sweet dates pickle which is just to give a perfect balance of sweet and sour and a cup of raita to mix with it so as to reduce the spiciness and two crispy pappads ans a small cup of sulaimani(that’s what we call it) which is nothing but lemon tea to ensure perfect digestion is a biryani packet! Now this is the reason as to why, biryani tops the list! The fact that every component being added has a reason behind it and  that eating  a  complete plate of biryani fills your stomach and your heart is the reason why, biryani is very important to us!


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  1. Lilly Moore says:

    What a great post, biryani sounds really wonderful and homely! I’ll have to see if there’s a restaurant near me that offers it, though from what you said it sounds like half its charm is the fact that it’s homecooked 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. potpourri672 says:

      I can just guarantee you that biryani tastes better than it sounds. Home cooked always have a different charm but outside too you may try it. Anyways which country are you from?? Will you get biryani there??

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lilly Moore says:

        I actually just googled it and there’s a restaurant quite near me that offers biryani. Excited to try it!


      2. potpourri672 says:

        Just go for it!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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