Do colours have gender too?

Apparently, they do. I don’t know what in me, gave rise to such a topic or such a question but the fact appears to be true. The other day, I bought a cup for one of my hostel friends and it happened to be pink. The minute he got to know his cup was pink in colour he said to me, “Mera cup pink hai! PINK!!!!!!!!” (my cup is pink) so I said “Yes,so? ”

“So whaat? Pink hai meri maaa!” (It’s pink, my mother!!) He shouted at me again! Well, that day I thought yea, this crazy guy has lost it. But a week after this, another of my friends wore a pink shirt and came to class and I looked at him and said, “PINK?????? Why do you have a pink t-shirt! Don’t come near me! My God it’s pink!” He looked at me and said “yea, it’s pink, so???”. That moment it didn’t strike me but a little later, in my EMT class, where whatever the teacher said went above my head, I thought, yea, so what if it’s pink in colour!? So what if a guy wears a pink t-shirt! That’s the reason behind this article.


I started thinking about it day in and day out. And I found out all of this. Why is it that whenever a new born baby is born, the baby kit is pink for girls and blue for guys? Who gave this notion, that said pink is a lady’s colour and blue is a man’s colour. Well, no one makes a fuss when a lady stands in the middle of a crowd and says blue is her favorite colour, but whenever a guy says pink is his favorite colour, everyone gives him a stare. Why? So what, if it’s his favourite colour? Yes, it’s a pretty colour which usually boys don’t like because of the fact that none of their things were never made in pink, none of their hot wheels cars ever had a pink body, their cycles were never pink in colour, their shoes were never manufactured in pink. Why? Because, someday someone said pink is a girl’s colour when it’s actually not. Everyone has the freedom to select their colour, maybe they like the calmness and the soothing effect of pink or maybe it makes them happy, or the fierce yellow and red irritates them or black saddens them, but that’s all a person’s affection towards a colour. That’s all a person’s perspective, not another’s word!


Everyone cries out in the world, that gender sensitivity is a subject of importance. Yes, it is. The whole concept as to why, gender sensitivity is right now a subject under the Central board of secondary education in India and the whole concept as to why Vogue had a commercial  that asked every mom out there to teach her son that he shouldn’t make a girl cry, were all based on this one fact. Well, that’s great…the mindsets of people have started to change a lot , but if it has to change everywhere, if a better tomorrow needs to be shaped out,  high time we start and we need to start from the very basic things and that is “NOOO! COLOURS DO NOT HAVE GENDER!!!! PINK IS NOT A GIRL’S COLOUR AND BLUE IS NOT A BOY’S COLOUR! THEY ARE JUST COLOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”




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  1. Harsha says:

    Yes. Colours don’t have genders.
    and you have written this post nicely. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. potpourri672 says:

      Thanks a lot…ya they don’t!!
      Thanks for reading!!

      Liked by 1 person

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