I recently finished watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S . I don’t know why but I don’t feel good while saying that “FRIENDS is over.” That feeling when you realise the harsh truth that you have no more episodes of FRIENDS to watch is just disastrous. I always thought it would go on forever but they, those friends, never came back through that Hall again after leaving it for the last time.

But, it’s not the end. We all have some true friends waiting out there, for us, who make our lives the way it is. These friends are the people who add all the spice to your life. Fortunately I too have friends who make my life an actually POTPOURRI.



A prodigy, ya topper, ya a big one. She is one person with whom you can talk for hours about anything and that anything could actually include anything from anywhere, even if it is something which does not interest her she will listen, till the very end. Talk to her about philosophy and your conversation could go on forever. Ask her for advice and she will give one blatantly like Phoebe. In keeping secrets she is even better than Joey. Unpredictability rules her. She has a switch to turn on or off depression mode, which is actually annoying. With no mask on her face she is a nice person. Infact I would say Earth would be a much better place to live, if even a little more of the population was like her.

And she is my Anime partner.



This  person with zero impurity inside her, you just don’t want to hurt her. The charm and enthusiasm with which she greets me just brings a big smile on my face, however difficult the day would be. She is like Rachel leaving aside the materialistic and mean side of Rachel. Say one sweet thing to her and she will reply with an Awww with her pitch following a perfect sine curve. She is still a child at heart but then she may surprise you every now and then with her mature views. A hardcore feminist who lives her life, who freaks out easily. Owner of a unique and soothing voice, she is our Khaleesi.



You know those people whom you could call Coconut, I mean those people who are hard from the outside and soft from the inside, this lady is one of that kind. She has one of the kindest hearts which you can’t penetrate just like that. But she can turn into a straight forward bold woman who can compel anyone to bite their nails. Someone rightly called her coffee (bitterly sweet). The best thing about her is, she takes everyone along with her, she doesn’t leave anyone behind. She is like Monica who binds all of us together. Being the most thoughtful one she is our Iron Lady.



A person a bit more sensitive than my other friends like Joey , but also vulnerable to moodswings. His mood swings even faster than the pendulum of clock. But he is one person with whom you can talk about emotional crap. His inclination towards business and start ups makes me respect him even more. And you know what the best part is…we were least bothered about our studies which sinks our ship very often but who cares? He is my brother for life and I know, no matter what he will be there for me when I need him. (I don’t think I will, still…)



I have an old history with this guy. It’s like for last few years we have faced life together. He plays the role of devil’s advocate in our group. He teases, he disturbs but even after all this he is one thoughtful person. You will feel no hesitation in insulting him on his face because he doesn’t get offended easily. He can spend a whole day hanging out with us. Others agree or not any outing without him would be like a dish without salt. The way he brings this salty feature to our group is awesome.

I may not have Chandler or Joey or Monica etc. etc. but I have these people which is more than I ever wanted.

~Ero Sennin



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  1. Yeahh..I had the same feeling while watching the last episode..


    1. potpourri672 says:

      Ikr!! Pleased to see another FRIENDS fan…

      Liked by 1 person

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