Tokyo Ghoul: White to Red


What is 1000 minus 7?

It’s been a while since I completed the first season of Tokyo Ghoul and I had no plans of writing about it. But lately, flashbacks of the last episode have been so powerful that I decided to take it all out of my head and my heart on this post.

The last episode of Tokyo Ghoul, Season 1 was probably the most important in the whole set of 12 episodes. The war in Kaneki’s head, Kaneki’s transition from white to red, his final resolve and all the action between Kaneki and Jason ended the first season grandly.

“It’s better to be hurt than to hurt others.”

Watching Kaneki constantly being inflicted with pain and regenerating physically and mentally only to accommodate more pain was disturbing. I still recollect the mental struggle I underwent to watch the episode but it all paid off in the end. Jason saturating in every bit of sadistic pleasure while Kaneki sat there screaming for help was all very sad but when Rize worked herself into Kaneki’s mind and changed the very base of his notions, it was beautiful. Every statement she made came packed with meaning, it was so piercingly true that I couldn’t help but agree with her. Here’s an excerpt:

“Whose fault was it that things ended up like this? Coincidence? An accident? Fate? There’s no such thing as fate. It’s simply a combination of one circumstance and another. All suffering in the world is born from an individual’s incompetence.”

It was intense, bleeding with emotions and satire all over, attacking the stereotypes that we hold in our minds and proving repeatedly that change is the only thing that’s constant. Accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack, Kaneki’s moment of self-realisation will be etched in my memory forever. If you haven’t watched the last episode yet, or want to re-watch it, use this link:

To all the metal and hard rock lovers, the music track won’t let you down, I promise. Also, it deserves to be listened to, so here you go:

Make sure to leave your comments below and let me what your thoughts on Tokyo Ghoul are!



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  1. Jillian Vergara says:

    The “mental struggle” I experienced because of this show lasted for months. I can’t even it burger anymore at that time. Though I hated Rize for messing up Kaneki’s life, I still think she’s the most badass ghoul in town. The mere mention of her name brings chills to a few of most feared ghouls, thinking of the things she did.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. potpourri672 says:

      Ya I agree. But it Rize who made Kaneki that strong both emotionally and physically. Otherwise Kaneki was just trapped between humans and ghouls.

      Liked by 1 person

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