The Lost Path….

​One day when I was still new to the city, Kolkata, I took my brother’s cycle and went cycling, with earphones plugged into my ears and mobile without both talk time and data pack. It was around 7 in the evening,  if I’m not wrong. Listening to songs I kept cycling with no idea of directions or the localities I had been passing. After like half an hour I found myself cycling among gigantic IT buildings, TCS, Cognizant, Wipro and what not. For a second I thought without realising that I had got into a portal which transported me here, but then my brain shouted “shut up”, and that was the end of my sci-fi imagination. So I was somewhere in an IT area; on the left, there was a lake and on the right these buildings, which were announcing that I was lost and maybe I actually was. The roads which were quite a peaceful until a minute ago, started giving out A strange aura. Uncertainties got the better of me.
I had almost accepted that I got into a great trouble and that I was officially lost with no talk time, no data pack and no money. But then-THE 3 magical numbers ‘2’,’1′ and ‘5’ accompanied by the letter ‘A’ written on a bus caught my attention. That was the light coming from the other end of the cave, this no. 215A was the number of the bus which passes by my neighbourhood. So with all my might I followed that bus, somehow managing to keep up with the pace. After about 3 quarters the surroundings started looking familiar and like that, I reached my home.
The purpose of writing this piece was definitely not this stupid story but the following.
After coming back I told about the IT firms and about the experience to my mom, the only thing she had to say was “Beta, in A few years you will be working in one of  those buildings too!!” Believe me, my heart skipped a beat there. All this time when I thought I was running away from this future, was I actually running towards it?? Because that’s how it appears. My mother was right (as always). Most probably in less than a decade I will be working in one of these IT firms with a reasonable package ( fingers crossed). I will have a job where I will have to sit in front of the computer for 8 hours a day, which sucks.
What about the dream I had of becoming an astronaut and floating in space?? Maybe that dream is actually floating somewhere out there in space out of my reach. Thinking about it now I realise that I never realised when these so called dreams got off my mind and instead of taking the driver’s seat took the backseat. This dream now seems a long lost path. But still, I didn’t take ECE to work in an IT firm.

At this point of time I have no idea what’s gonna happen, let’s see because these uncertainties and unpredictabilities are what make life interesting.