Sherlock: The Six Thatchers

2017 starts with Premiere episode of Sherlock Season 4 “The Six Thatchers”. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock is back after a year with an episode with ripping good mystery and action. This episode though, got some mixed reviews, which is quite reasonable. As people did expect something related to Jim Moriarity ( and his posthumous revenge sorry game) who apparently made a comeback after The Reichenbach Fall in the last episode of Season 3 “His Last Vow”. But the episode had everything. Sherlock was Sherlockian more than ever, his drug addictions, obsession with his cell phone, rudeness and everything that made him High Functioning Sociopath was quite noticeable this time. The episode was solely dedicated to the evolving three-way relationship between Sherlock, John Watson and Mary Watson. And this time a new member makes an entry to this family Rosamund Watson, the daughter of John and Mary.


I think this episode was more of a set up for rest of the episodes, and if it is so then it did fine because we are again clueless about the future. We got to know a little more about Rosamund Mary the actual name of Mary Watson and the A.G.R.A. too. The case of The Burnt Driver ( ya that’s what I have named it :p ) was okayish. Mary showed how bad-ass she could get this time but Sherlock was a step ahead.

Now the saddest part Mary Watson dies in the end, that left us with a shock but it was totally unexpected. And since Sherlock had vowed to protect The Watsons and fail in it, the relation between John and Sherlock gets bitter.

Now what……

  1. The future of JOHNLOCK

After the death of Mary, John denies any kind of help from Sherlock. The friendship they had doesn’t seem like going any further but Mary did speculate this and that’s why Mary herself (by “If you are reading this, I’m dead” message sent to Sherlock via a video file) asked Sherlock to save John Watson no matter what. Unlike any previous episode, this time had no sort of side-speculation by any character that John and Sherlock are gay or are in love.

2. Season 4 Villain


If Jim Moriarty and Charles Augustus Magnussen are dead then who is the villain? I don’t know if you noticed or not. There was a tasty little Easter Egg hidden, the poster of Culverton Smith (Toby Jones) who is said to be the Sherlockian villain this time.

3. Irene Adler??


We all miss this character, don’t we? I personally did expect her to be in this season but there wasn’t even a mention of hers in this episode. But now when Mary’s gone she may make an appearance again *fingers crossed*.


The episode was pretty good ya a bit disappointing in some terms, but I think before making a judgement we must wait for the other two episodes of the season because Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have never disappointed us before ;).





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