Sherlock: The Lying Detective

Ok..?? Am I really doing this?? Am I actually writing about “THE LYING DETECTIVE”? That means I recovered, I got over from all the things that happened in that episode. So in this one, first of all, I would like to salute Steven Moffat for such a nicely written plot, I mean wow, the story this time had everything and much more. Starting from John meeting therapist, Sherlock high on drugs, their patch up, imaginative Mary, then to Culverton Smith’s case, Mrs Hudson in her true form, the outburst of emotions,  the turns and twists and what not!!!! And all this in an episode of one and a half hour!! Hats Off to the director Nick Hurran!!!

The Lying Detective was really that great, I think not many people would disagree with me if I call it the best of Sherlock after The Reichenbach fall, because it was that awesome.

How nicely the writer joined all the dots to make it into such a nice story, those dots being-

1) Mary’s message and the “Go to Hell” part.


2) Sherlock drugs addiction.

3)Culverton Smith being a serial murderer.

4) And the arrival of  “East Wind”, that is Eurus Holmes apparently which is also Moriarity’s posthumous game.

Now all the things that made the episode this awesome-

1) The imaginative Mary, I really used to like Mary and seeing her in this episode was a treat, though she was imaginative.

2) The race between Sherlock’s brain and his body, and seeing him coming back in business.

3)Johnlock’s patch up, the point where all the shippers of Johnlock would have gone crazy.

4)Obviously the case of Smith, Sherlock did it once again, though he risked his life this time. But the best part was how this case was actually intended to bring JOHNLOCK back together.

5)John’s confession about the cheating Mary. Then John also confessed that Sherlock wasn’t the one who killed Mary.

screenshot-50screenshot-51screenshot-52screenshot-53Screenshot (54).pngScreenshot (55).pngScreenshot (57).png

6) Mention of Irene Adler, fingers crossed I hope she comes back in next episode.

Screenshot (58).png

7)The biggest twist – Moriarity’s Posthumous Game – The East Wind – Eurus Holmes made an appearance in the end. All this time it was her. The Miss me thing, this Culverton Smith case everything it was all her plan.



Now, what…………….

This time I’m blank. I have literally no idea what’s gonna happen!! No idea after Eurus made an appearance. The last scene was Eurus shooting Watson, first of all, that’s what we have to deal with. However, I am damn sure that Watson couldn’t be dead. Then what is Eurus up to and what’s the story of EURUS-JIM?

Before ending I think I need to mention Mycroft. This time we saw a new side of Mycroft who after many thoughts did pick Smallwood’s number.  And John says Normal and Fine are relative terms for Sherlock and Mycroft. That was EPIC.screenshot-59screenshot-60


But Mycroft was at his best in this scene  ∨

Screenshot (41).pngScreenshot (42).pngScreenshot (43).png

In the end, I would say certainly Sherlock hasn’t let us down and people who were disappointed with the first one, now what do you have to say now ;).

Anyways the next episode has been named THE FINAL PROBLEM, I hope it’s not the final episode.

Ero Sennin


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