DEATH: An Alluring Climax….!!!

O, Sweet Death.

O, Amiable Death.

Smile at me, my Unrealized Death.

Bring with you, your utter finality.

Blow away the stifling necessitude

That your lover, Life, has imposed on me.

Come to me in your all pervasive entirety.

Caress my creased, furrowed brow.

Grant me that elusive grace of yours.

Let me mine your limitless deposit of sweet dreams.

Lift me from the marrow sucking quagmire of hope.

Relieve me of the trammels of expectations.

My dear Death, incinerate my being in one final blaze of glory.

Then lift me in your airy arms and release me wherever you will.

After a lot of thinking and then converting that thinking into words, I got this small poem out of the brain. Nah…too much for me. I can’t just take the credit of such a serious and wonderful poem, though my intention was that ( JK 😉 ). It’s risky because in future if he becomes some successful poet ( which I believe he will), he may sue this blog, and if this blog would be some famous one ( which I wish), it would be BAD, VERY BAD. So I give him the credits. PEACE. V.

So here’s a poem by a friend of mine who goes by the name “Godric Gandalf Dumbledore” (Pseudonym, of course) . Describing death, quite successfully he has changed my perception of death, by a bit maybe, but he has. Not like I wanna die or I am looking forward to death but certainly, now I will look at death differently.

Ero Sennin


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  1. Shabarish P. Pillai says:

    Well, it’s nice knowing that my work was able to affect a person’s mentality in such a manner, even though it was not a feeling which this work intended to evoke. But as long as the ink’s intention is conveyed to the people, this poet rests happy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. potpourri672 says:

      Rests happy, man you should at least give some more credits to me.


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