So the final problem, before writing any further let me tell you this post may contain SPOILERS, in fact, this post does contain SPOILERS. So THE FINAL PROBLEM, it’s useless to say that the episode was awesome, an edge of the seat thriller because when you talk about sherlock these things are obvious, after all, it’s *SHERLOCK*. But still, I will say this episode was awesome if this was the series finale then it deserved to be. And why do I say so, because the viewers got answers of their questions, questions like

“Redbeard?? What Redbeard?? Why does Sherlock think about it so much??

“Why is Sherlock like this ??”

“What does Mycroft mean when he says “East Wind’s coming, it’s coming to get you?”

and many more which I don’t remember now. This episode finished all the incomplete sub-stories going on within the series, it brought them to the same and a well-calculated end. PERFECT. The long-sightedness of writers should be appreciated here, now if we think Redbeard was hinted to be the reason behind him to be so, Mycroft more than once did mention the third one, East wind did come to get Sherlock etc.etc. etc. Therefore here I would like to admire the writers and not just actors for their acting.

Probably this one week between the second and third episode was one of the longest week of my life, the anxiety attacks, the fandoms, the teasers, the posters kept troubling me time to time and this was put an end when I watched the episode Final Problem. I won’t be talking about the story here because that’s what you will find in every other blog. So let’s see here small things that made this episode EPIC and complete.

1)The JOHNLOCK moment


This was adorable, Sherlock finally calling John family and that too to Mycroft.

2)Mycroft’s care

When he says to Sherlock, “I was looking after you” in the middle of the explanation for Sherlock having no memory of Eurus.

3) The Evergreen Mrs Hudson


When she says Mycroft to sit down, then offers him tea and then asks him to take it on his own. Ohhh Mrs Hudson you are such a badass.

4)No, the pirate


This was one those scenes which reflect the cool nature of our not so cool Sherlock

Sherlock: Sherlock

Sailor: The detective?!

Sherlock: The Pirate!!


5) Eurus Holmes


You know a very big reason that makes the show Sherlock, SHERLOCK is their villains. Jim Moriarity, Charles Augustus Magnussen and now Eurus Holmes. These villains who give Sherlock a nail-biting competition are just admirable as any other character.

And this Eurus Holmes with her acting, her insanity and her sheer cruelty was just another Sherlockian villain. Even with all these negativities she still won our hearts. HATS OFF!!

6) Moriarity 


This crazy guy never misses out to give his own spark whenever he appears. His entry, WOHO no words, I just went mad when he made that entry listening to “I want to break free”, but then the words read 5 years ago, I sighed, though it was a sigh of relief, still I wanted him.Nevermind.

7) Molly Hooper


The most heart touching scene, Louis Brealey (Molly) just did some magical acting there. I was never a very big fan of hers but now I’m. I so am. Though I still don’t feel they can be together, but this SHERLOCK did call a friend, and being called so from Sherlock’s mouth is no small deal. But she was always the one who counted.

8) The Game where Sherlock had to shoot one.


Mycroft, the unsung hero, my favourite steals the show here. How elegantly he convinces Sherlock to shoot him, though Sherlock knew his intention all along. Mycroft you never got what you deserved.

Mycroft on the tip of the gun says, “Not on the face, though, I have promised my brain to society, well I suppose there’s a heart somewhere inside me.” Mycroft *cries*

Goodbye brother mine…” Mycroft *cries*

Mycroft                  *cries*


Mycroft you never got what you deserved.

9) Redbeard 


The long-sought mystery was finally revealed, and what do we get in the end. He wasn’t his dog but the best friend who was killed by Eurus, the jealous sister. But finally, we got the answers. However, it was very cruel and evil.

10)Again Eurus


All this time what Eurus wanted was his elder brothers attention and help. She wanted to play with him and wanted his time. And since she was pretty supernatural she did all this.

Now I don’t find her so wrong.

11) Greg Lestrade


In Season 1 he says ” Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and one day if we are lucky enough, he might even be a good one.”

And this time he says ” He’s a good one.”

These small small incidents make me feel that this is the end.

And we shouldn’t forget that Sherlock called his name right.

12) The Violin Duel


Sherlock vs Eurus

but this time with violins in their hands, such a musical end to this, who expected.

13) Mary’s Message


Awww Mary yet again, and this time with such a sweet message.


hmmm so there are 13 points, I don’t I should stop at unlucky thirteen. Let’s give you another one, IDK how many of you noticed this.

14) Tom Hiddleston


Yes, a fraction of second of glimpse of his, in the end, didn’t see that?? Then go, watch it!!

I don’t even have the farthest idea what this is about. But Sherlockians we should keep our fingers crossed for Season 5 or anything Sherlock related in future.

I think that’s all I have to say.

I just want Sherlock to not end, is it so much to ask??

“Sherlock, just one more time, just don’t be over”


*Sigh of Grief*

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Ero Sennin




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