The Last Day…!!!

It’s the last day of my two months long break. Probably this was the last vacation of this long span, two months, sixty days. It looks too much, right?! But believe me, it isn’t. As one of my friends tweeted ”

“Life’s farce. In a blink, your semester gets over and in a quarter of a blink your vacations.”


This post is the result of my what you may call Vacation Blues because this end of the vacation is hitting me hard.

I study in Chennai and live there in a hostel so naturally, in these holidays, I came back to my home where my family lives, Kolkata. So, as a matter of fact, you may not call this “Vacation Blues” because here after vacations I return back from home to college. Never mind.


Yesterday I went to sleep around two, after ditching a friend :p  in middle of the night, trying to sleep but couldn’t, so in that utter silence, I could hear only my heart beat and tick-tock of the clock ( which resembled Moriarity’s tick-tock from The Final Problem). That tick-tock made me realise that this is the end, end of my long vacations. It was so long that I never realised that it was on the verge to get over. These vacations just went by in a flash. But still it was long enough to let me have some fun, I did a lot of things which I enjoy and I got to learn a lot of things. I learnt a bit of Arduino, I did an industrial training, travelled to places, tried new dishes, played badminton, went for long cycle rides, taught some things, wrote blogs, made friends, joined Twitter, got Driving License and got a bit fat too. Nothing could have gone wrong in this break and by the end, I realised maybe I got this close to parents after a very-very long time. But there’s one thing which did go wrong and it’s pretty bad because I don’t know how long I will take to get out of it and that thing is that this break got me habituated to my home quite strong and that’s why leaving home and going back to college is hardest this time.

I have pretty high hopes with this semester and I’m pretty sure that I will have a lot of fun, I’ll make a lot of memories but this feeling of leaving home is horrible and is probably eating me from inside. Have you heard that song of Passenger ” Let her go”?? There’s a line which says

“Only hate the road when you‘re missing home”


*fingers crossed* Semester goes fine, with a lot of fun…..!!!!

Ero Sennin


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