Kimi No Na Wa

“I feel like I’m always searching for something, for someone”


For a long time I have been looking for an Anime which could pull me back to the Anime world and I couldn’t have got any anime better than Kimi No Na Wa. I don’t think there exists an anime movie better than this. After “5cm Per Second” and “The Garden Of The Words”, Makoto Shinkai delivered this iconic movie, Kimi No Na Wa, a breathtaking body-swap romance which ruled Japanese box-office for months.

The main theme of the movie was love. The love which transcends time and space to change someone’s fate. And quite beautifully they have shown this love.

Two people of two different times, from two different cities and from totally contrasting backgrounds fall in love without meeting each other, without talking with each other, just by passing on some messages while they swap their bodies. This was just adorable. Ok, I agree there were few scenes in the plot which did not make sense, there were many instances whose reasons were just not told. I spent hours thinking about those incidents. But then I realised maybe that’s intentional because the movie has got a spiritual backdrop, sprinkled with ceremonies and folktales and a soothing scent of beliefs and culture and that’s why the main twist of the story is majestic, supernatural and unscientific.

So Taki from Tokyo and Mitsuha from Itomori start forming a bond despite their distances/background. They realise this after the whole body swap thing stop happening. They try to meet each other in real life, face to face but then they get to know that they are from two different timelines. And that’s when we see their love for each other being endured through time and space. Then in the end the struggle to save lives added something which almost every anime has.

Overall the movie was gorgeously made, just loved it.

I personally recommend it each one of you reading this.

Ero Sennin


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  1. Lilly Moore says:

    It sounds amazing, I need to watch it! 🙂

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